Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant me cautiva absolutamente, me sumerge en el recoveco de melancolia mas intimo e inefable...abriga mis lagrimas internas, su suavidad me clava las venas y me extasia...Majesty es el primer tema que me enamoro, y Her es el tema que me hace desvanecer de sensibilidad...

Claire Voyant - Majesty

Claire Voyant (Her)

No one knows her
I have seen you hold her
trembling arms and fiery eyes
things you tell her she wont remember
the moment is all she holds in hand

I can see her smile
I can say her name
the face I see
we are both the same
If I am her
why do I damn her

am I hoping she will slowly slip away
am I hoping she will drown and slip away

years have passed her
and many asked her
like quiet knights in a church bells ring
if you take her you will never break her
don't give her dreams
she will only slip away

am I hoping she will drown and slip away
am I hoping I will only slip away

if only this time I would know
she fakes her mind out in an open door
she is waiting
and I know there is still some light around her eyes
she will make a sad song
and you knew it was not funny
she is only seeing you the way
the way a madman feels inside a lifeless body
and I know she is only seeing me the way...

am I hoping she will slowly slip away
am I hoping I will drown and slip away

1 Comentário:

|GothicWaltz| dijo...

heeeey hermosaaa
bueon te cuento un poco de miii
me llamo nati
19 años soy de lanus
ame tu onda tenemos casi el mismo gusto en todo lo referente a musicaa...
emm bueno sabes cualquier cosita nos mensajeamos =)

espero que estes bien..
besos bonita (L)


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La música es sublime, el silencio también, procura que vuestras palabras sean mejores que vuestro silencio...

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